by Ronnie Floyd

ACTS 1:8
NOVEMBER 11, 1990
INTRODUCTION: What are you destined to do with your life?
What are you caught up in today in your life? Some of you
would say, "I am destined to be . . . attorney, chief execu-
tive officer, school teacher, work in a manufacturing plant,
own my own chicken farm, climb the corporate ladder, profes-
sional athlete, live for my kids, work in my kid's school,
. . . . Get real--Do you think that is all life is about?
Do you really think that is what you are destined for in
Let me tell you what confuses many professing Christians
today. You listen today to all the persons preach and teach
who have all the answers to your problems. You go to their
conferences, listen to them on radio or television, cannot
wait to hear them next week. What do many of them do?
Many of them preach to you a very "self-centered" religion.
The vast majority of them do not have a "clue" about purpose
in the life of the believer. They rationalize, homogenize,
and theorize about God and your relationship to him.
I am asking you, "What are you destined for in life?" You
are here to be a channel of God, an ambassador for Jesus,
to take the gospel of Jesus to your friends, your families,
your neighbors, and to persons across this world you do not
even know. Listen, some of us are caught up in our careers,
making money, our families, recreation, to such a point we
have ignored why we are here. A person who says he is saved,
even if he is a preacher, and has no great conviction or
burden for the gospel to go to the world, is a hypocrite.
Many times they are even unsaved!
T.S.: I want you to listen to me today. I want you to let
this verse disturb you and change you today. Proverbs 29:18
says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We need
a fresh vision of our destiny in this world which is to reach
Northwest Arkansas for Christ. Notice with me four convict-
tions we must have from this ...

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