by Ronnie Floyd

April .13, 1986
First Baptist C hurch,
Nederland, Texas
Introduction: I want to preach to you today a preventive word.
A word that will keep us from repeating history that is bad
and help us repeat history that is good. From the book of-
Nehemiah, 1 want us to learn from their mistakes and learn
from their victories. In our church, these are days of grace
and days of glory.
We have witnessed the grace of God among us. We are
experiencing the glory of God.
T.S: We attempt, through the mail, and other means, to com-
municate with you. We want you to know continually where we
are as a church. Since some of us do not read our mail and
since we all learn from repitition I want to relate some things
to you for the glory of God. Remember, these are days of
grace and days of glory. We better enjoy them. What do you
mean? Let's review the last 18 months of ministry at and
through our church. These references are God's only eternal
assets and deal with people, so listen not to numbers, but to
S.S. enrollment 1883 to 2326 Net increase of 443 (24% incr.)
S.S. Avg. att. 602 to 855 Net increase of 253 (42% incr.
*Everytime we enroll two people in Bible study we gain one
more person for the glory of God here every week.
Membership: Baptized a total of 315 people with at least h
being adults and we have had another 189 people join by letter.
Total additions to church membership of 532 people.
*This is not suppossed to be happening. We have people moving
out of the triangle, not into it.
Finances: $11,678.97 average per week to $17,997.84 average
weekly. That is a 54% increase in giving in one of the worst
economies and unemployment scenes in our entire nation.
There is not any way any person or person could have orches-
trated the information just mentioned. Pastor, You are tootin
your own horn. You have not heard me. These are days of
grace and days of glory. Listen to me, I was so discouraged

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