by Ronnie Floyd

0 9 7 "The Cry for Liberation"
John 8:31-36
Introduction: Quote Ac/Dc Song Jailbreak (Circus Magazine).
We are living in a day that is showered with the cries of
liberation. People want to be free!
The words of the song I quoted, the cries of rebellion among
youth and adults(Don't tell me what to do are cries of
rebellion and what they are saying is set me free), Women-
wanting to be free, homosexuals wanting to be free, and
even the rig'nts of diwldren signify that Amnerica's greatest
desire is to be free.
T.S. The text I read a moment ago is a proclamation of lib-
eration. Jesus wants to set us all free from ourselves, our
4 sin, and from Satan.
Explanation of Text:
(31) If you remain in the word of God it demonstrates you
are really my disciples.
(32) Know-certainty of it that Jesus is the real thing.
(33) Not enslaved to anyone or anthing.
(34) Jesus said everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin.
(Sin dominates)
(35) Being a slave to sin is temporary with eternal damna-
tion overtones, but being set free by Jesus is eternal.
(36) Free indeed-in fact and practice we are free.
Since Jesus is the truth we need to understand lostness and
and being saved. Heaven and hell!
Illustration: The things we thin will set us free enslaves
What does Jesus want to set us free from today?
1. Jesus wants to set us free from ourselves.
a. We all have the "I" problem. The biggest problem I
have sometimes is me. I should die to self.
b. Identity problem-Many of us are never content with
being ourselves, we try to be something we want to
be or what others want us to be, rather than being
*It is OK to be you! You don't need to try to be
like anyone else. Stop trying to be something you
Identity Crisis-Many here today have become to being
enslaved to being something we are not! When this
occurs we will live a life of compromise!
2. Jesus wants to set us free from our sin.
Exp ...

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