by Ronnie Floyd

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Revelation 20:11-15
The second coming of Jesus ushers in an era of judgment, as
well as an era of joy. Many times we think of the blessedness
of no longer hurting or experiencing pain. The excitement of
never shedding another tear about the death of a loved one or
friend, makes us desire Jesus to return again. To see death stamped
out and trampled upon gives us all a feeling of relief. The anti-
cipation of being reunited with friends and relatives who have
gone on to be with the Lord is sometimes uncontrollable. As we
sing piously in our pews, "When we all Get to Heaven" or "In the
Sweet By and By", we seem to forget the other side of the story.
For a newspaper reporter to report on one side of a story is to
risk the effectiveness of the report. Has it ever occured to
you while we sing clapping our hands with smiles on our faces,
"Some glad morning when this life is o'er, I'll fly away. To a
home on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away.", that some, proba-
bly the majority of the people who have ever lived will not fly
In God's Revelation to John while exiled on the Isle of Pat-
mos, in the 19th chapter in verses 11-19, we see the riches of
the triumphant return of Jesus. In verses 20-21 we read of the vic-
tories of when the false prophet and the Beast will be thrown into
the lake of fire. Then glory fills our souls in chapter 20 when
we hear of our ultimate enemy, "The Accuser, the hater of God and
righteousness, yes the old devil himself, somtimes regarded as
old slewfoot, will finally be bound in the pit of destruction and
and fire, which John calls the second death. There Satan along
with his army of demons, not excluding of course the beast and
the false prophet, will be tormented day and night forever and
Then in verse 11 of chapter 20 we read of another story.
Please follow in your Bibles as we read from verse 11 to verse 15.
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