by Ronnie Floyd

July 1, 1984 (AM)fKC,
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Romans 3:9-10, 19-26
INTRODUCTION: We live ina day when people really believe that people do not care for them.
How sad it is to hear people say, "No one really cares for me."
ILL: How sad it would be for a small child to wander away from father and mother
and go to the water and accidentally fall into the water. Days later his body
would be found. What is so sad abou-t theat: 1. The child died 2. No onre was
there to help him when he fell into the water.
Ill: When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden God was there to pick them
up and help them. Through the course of history God has always been there
to provide help. The greatest of these helps is the cross of Calvary.
1. OUR NEED.(3:9-10, 23)
Exp: There is absolutely no one that is righteous, therefore, if God is holy and man is
sinful the two cannot be joined together unless if man becomes righteous.
This is a universal problem that extends beyond every line of prejudice. Present
tense: "are sinning and presently falling short."
Sin is missing God's mark--God has a target and we are missing the target. In chapter
one, two and three humanity has rejected the revelation of God.
Mankind has responded in rebellion, arrogance, and idolatry.
Ill: The dreadful sins of our day are because mankind has left God and rejected his
App: Man is desperate and hopeless! Tragic suicides in our day happen because of our
conditions. Alcohol, gambling, sex, etc. happen to attempt to find identity!
Man has a need!
Ill: Man cannot get to God!
2. GOD'S HELP.(3:19-26)
Exp: (24) Justification--"we have been justified freely"--To be justified means to be put
into the right. It is a legal ...

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