by Ronnie Floyd

The Basics of Christian Baptism
Series: Back to the Basics
Ronnie Floyd
Matthew 3:13-17

INTRODUCTION: During this series I will be calling us back to the basics. Our introductory message to this series took three weeks, however, we are now moving to message number two.

Once a person has met Jesus Christ they are instructed immediately to follow Christ in baptism. Why should one be baptized? Why was Jesus baptized? What does it lean to go through Christian baptism?

T.S: This morning I want to take the opportunity to instruct you on the basic of Christian baptism. The basic question is, 'What is New Testament Christian Baptism?' The judge today will not be my denomination or yours, but what does the Bible teach about New Testament Christian baptism?

1. CHRISTIAN BAPTISM IS SCRIPTURAL BAPTISM.(vs. 13, 14, 16) Christian baptism must be done like God's Word teaches it to be done.

The word baptized in the verses referred to a moment ago comes from the Greek word, 'baptiso'.

The word 'baptizo' means to dip or immerse. It means to plunge under a liquid.

Also in verse 16 notice 'went up immediately from the water' which means he went up directly from the water.

The only Christian baptism is baptism by immersion.
Many denominations teach varying ways of baptism.

Some believe in immersion and others believe in christening. The Bible is the judge!

App: The only Christian New Testament way to be baptized is like our Lord was baptized and that is by the means of immersion. If you are here today and never followed Christ in immersion baptism then you have never been baptized Scripturally or Biblically.

2. CHRISTIAN BAPTISM IS SYMBOLIC BAPTISM.(v. 15) Why was Jesus baptized? Was it so He could be washed from his sins or so that He could be saved?

No! What was Jesus' motivation to be baptized?

*Jesus w ...

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