by Ronnie Floyd

Message #1
Hebrews 2:1
September 12, 1993
Read the article, "Make Sure You Get A Window Seat."
It sounds ridiculous for people to purchase an airline ticket
to anywheresville or nowheresville, arriving there and
not being able to even leave the airport. This illustrates
to me the real condition of many people today. Many
people are looking for some kind of excitement and trying
to fiil the void with something.
For those of us who are Christians today, we have received
the ticket of eternal life, however, we do not know where
we are going spiritually and do not have a clue on how
to get there. Let me prove this to you today by you
answering the following questions:
Is your schedule out of control?
Are you out of energy and out of time?
Are you trying to keep up in life, but lagging behind?
Are you clearly focused or living life in a blur?
Is your goal to simply survive your circumstances of have
spiritual power in your circumstances?
Many of us today would see our problem as being our fast
paced society, or the unrealistic expectations of our
family, or the demands of our job, or a lack of rest. Listen:
these things are not your problem.
What is the problem?
You have become dionnected from God and do not
even know it. This is what I call the drift factor in
the Christian life.
What is the drift factor?
The drift factor occurs when a person is disconnected
from God and does not even know it. Drifting away
from God occurs so slowly in our spiritual life that
most people are not even aware of it. It surfaces
gradually as you lose your focus, your life become
disordered, and ultimately you lose your spiritual power.
When your primary goal in life is mere survival of
a schedule or a circumstance, rather than spiritual
power, then you are a victim of the drift factor. You
are disconnected from God and do not even know it.
The drift factor can happen to anyone. It is the
greatest mo ...

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