by Ronnie Floyd

A Sunday Morning Series On
"How To Overcome Satan's Attacks In Your Life"
Sermon #2
Zachariah 3:1 and I Peter 5:8
May 10, 1992
You have two basic desires in your life. You desire that others
make you feel special and you desire to have some kind of
power or authority in your life. To desire that others make
you feel special comes from your pride. To desire to have
power or authority comes from a sense of rebellion in your
life towards God. The same two problems of pride and
rebellion that led to Lucifer's downfall are the two constant
problems you will face that lead you into your downfall in
The "Buzz word" in the Satanic movement today is "power."
When fourteen year old Tommy Sullivan, Jr. first learned about
Satanism in religion class, he quickly proclaimed to classmates
that he would never have anything to do with the occult. Eight
weeks later, on January 9, 1988, Tommy Sullivan, Jr., viciously
murdered and mutilated his mother and then slashed his own
throat - in the name of "the greatest demons of hell." The
detective on the scene stated that Satanism obviously gave
Tommy the power he so longed for in life. Found in his school
journal were the words: "Die Mother, Father, Brother. Satan
is my prince."
The Satanists in America today target the American teenager.
These prime targets are intelligent, curious and creative
youngsters who have few friends, low self-esteem and many
conflicts with their families. IS SATAN ALIVE TODAY?
However, Satan's tactics are not always so noticeable. He
is cunning and sly, full of deceit. He is the angel of light and
beauty. He is the chief deceiver of all. When Satan comes
to church he does not walk in with pitchfork in hand with his
tail trailing him and sit on the front row and say, "Hey,
everybody, I am here today." Satan can be openly brutal as
in Tommy Sullivan's case or extremely sly through deceived
spiritual ...

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