by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #4
"The People Factor"
Matthew 16:18-19
August 30, 1992
INTRODUCTION: One of the buzz words in our day is the word,
"paradigm." The word paradigm is defined as a model, a
theory, or a perception. It is the way we understand some-
thing or interpret something.
Ill: A good illustration of a paradigm is a map. It repre-
sents or interprets reality, but it is not reality itself.
App: In many areas of life we are seeing the changing of the
paradigm. The business world is doing business today in new
ways. The principles of successful business may not change,
but the way business is done does change. Look at the polit-
ical arena today. Each of you that are young people and
children need to learn a lot from this political season for
these are days like never before in our nation. You are see-
ing a change in the paradigm or a paradigm shift in the poli-
tics. Look at the family. That very phrase, "look at the
family", no longer means what it did some years ago. Today,
it means multiple types of family, therefore, there has been
a paradigm shift in the way we look at the family or do
family. In the church, we are seeing a paradigm shift or the
changing of the paradigm as well. Many times we want to
change all areas of life, but when it comes to church we want
to do things like we did in the fifties, sixties, seventies,
or even eighties. However, we have seen a change in the
paradigm. The way we do church has changed.
Ill: Let me illustrate for you one of the paradigm shifts in
the way we do church today. We have seen a shift in the way
we ...

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