by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #1
Matthew 16:18 & Matthew 28:18-20
August 9, 1992
INTRODUCTION: Did you know that in the past 4,000 years,
mankind has only known only 268 years in which a war has
not been fought? Spiritually speaking, since the creation
of Adam and Eve, there has not been one day where a war
has not taken place. If you are a born again Christian,
you are to be in active duty in the Lord's army, and
l-iving by the marchn orders that God has g-iven- to you-.
Our enemy is Satan. Satan is shrewd. He wants us
to live as if we have no authority. He wants us to floun-
der without proper leadership. He wants to sidetrack us
into meaningless things in life. As the church advances
into the 21st century, the church faces the "mother of all
Over the next four weeks together I am going to take
apart Matthew 16:18 in our time together. It will serve
as a platform for this short series entitled, "Storming
Hell's Gates."
In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, "I will build my church."
It is up to Jesus to build His church, however, Jesus always
uses people to do so. This statement, "I will build my
church" is what I call "The God Factor in Church Growth."
Let me define this term for you tonight. The God Factor
in church growth is when the church considers God in all
its plans, consults Him in all its efforts, and seeks His
confirming hand on all its ministries.
The command of Jesus to our church is found in Matthew
28:18-20. We are to glorify God by you sharing Jesus with
other people. This takes place through the sharing of your
faith in order for people to be saved and in order for people
to become disciples in the Lord. Both are equally important
and absolutely necessary.
Does God want to be involved in your life and in your
church? Absolutely! In Ephesians 3:20-21 we read some
outstanding words from God. He says . . .
The world has seen what man can do in the church. It
is time the world g ...

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