by Ronnie Floyd

John 5:19-24
November 3, 1991
There are many great questions that can be asked about God.
The basis of much of John's gospel is "How can one know God?"
Many in our day would say, "If you can know Him, how can
we know what is said about Him is truthful?" These are both
great questions asked about God in our intellectual and
sophisticated society.
Do you realize that some in our day would think that any
intellectual questions about God has no answer. I read a story
this week about film maker, Ingmar Bergman. One day
Bergman was listening to the music of Stravinsky and while
listening to it he had a vision. He imagined he was in a 19th
century cathedral. As he saw himself wandering around he
came to a portrait of Christ. He suddenly realized the
importance of this portrait. He went up and shouted at the
picture, "Speak to Me! I will not leave this cathedral until
you speak to me." There was no answer from the portrait.
After this experience was over Bergman produced a film where
a number of characters despair of ever finding God. The film
released in 1964 was called, The Silence.
Many people in our society, some of them born again Christians,
have thought God was silent. Many have asked in the midst
of their trials, "Is God Silent?1 Have you ever wondered if
God was silent about a situation you were or are in your life?
Habakkuk, the prophet, is one of my favorite Old Testament
characters because he was so brutally honest with God.
He said, "God, how long have I cried unto you for help
and you did not hear me?" Habakkuk was saying, "Is
God Silent?" "Here I am in the midst of the pains of life
and I pray and you are not answering me. What's the
problem, God?"
This morning I want to answer this relevent question from
the Words of Jesus. Remember, Jesus has healed a man
who had been lame for 38 years. The Jews do not rejoice
in this, but criticiz-e Him claiming He ha&a ...

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