by Ronnie Floyd

John 7:25-36
February 9, 1992
Some years ago after accepting the call to a
certain pastorate, a woman walked into my office
in the first week I was there and gave me a
gift. The gift was a nameplate. On one side of
the nameplate was my name. On the other side
was a phrase that read, "Tough times never last,
but tough people do."
This woman's husband was on the Pastor Search
Committee that brought me to the church. Her
words to me in the first week of this new
pastorate were, "You will need to remember this
as you pastor this church." I found in just
weeks to come that her statement was the
greatest understatement I have ever heard in my
life. You had to be tough in order to survive
and lead that church as Pastor.
Just two weeks today we will hear the testimony
of a man who has been more publicly scrutinized
than any man, possibly, in the history of
America. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North will
be here to speak to us about the toughest time
he has ever faced in his life. He will not be
here to talk about the Iran-Contra affair, but
to speak to- us about Jesus Christ. Colonel
North is being greatly used in many churches
today. He recently appeared on "Focus on the
Family" for three days. What a powerful
testimony he bore for our Lord. Invite people
to hear of the power of God's grace through the
testimony of Oliver North.
Each of us go through tough times in life.
Thank God that our tough times are not aired on
national television like Oliver North's. Many
of you listening today are going through tough
times. For many of you, your tough times are
with your family. For some of you, it is in
your job. Others of you are going through tough
times financially. For some, tough, times may be
happening in some relationships in your life.
Regardless of what the circumstances may be,
each of us will face tough times.
In the seventh chapter of the gospel of John,
the most controversial man who ...

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