by Ronnie Floyd

An Introduction to Jesus - Jesus as the King
John 1:43-49
June 16, 1991
One of the most thrilling experiences of my life took place
about ten days ago. At the annual meet ing of the Southern
Baptist Convention I saw and heard our President George Bush
address our Convention. When it was time for him to come
in, the music stopped immediately right in the middle of the
song, there was silence and then one said with authority:
"Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States."
The place was electric. There was applause, hooping and
hollering, and I was only 30 yards from the most powerful
leader in the world. We were in the presence of the President
of our nation.
Several days before the President arrived 60 secret service
persons came to Atlanta and prepared for his twenty minute
speech to the Southern Baptist Convention. Why? The
President, the King of America, was coming to town. Things
had to be "just right." So right that things had to be proper
before any pictures were made with him. The flags just right
. . .the background just right . . . the banner just right . . .
according to White House rules.
President Bush appears to be a man of faith and prayer. A
man with a commitment to the family and moral values. As
much as I respect him as President and as the most powerful
man in the world, he is a sinner. Yet, he receives honor, laud,
applause, the extreme care of details and he should as President
of our country.
However, many so-called Christians treat Jesus Christ with
little honor. Jesus is not just a President of a nation, but King
of Kings. He is the Head of all. Many abuse Him, many ridicule
Him. Many so-called children are borderline committed to
HiEs ways and to fhis church. Many forsake the assembling
of ourselves together, ignorantly forgetting we meet the King
each time we meet together.
If President Bush was going to be here next Sunday in our
worship service or if he wanted t ...

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