by Ronnie Floyd

"How to Overcome Jealousy in Your Life"
John 3:22-36
September 1, 1991
Introduction: Do you consider yourself a
jealous person? I know that most of us would
respond immediately and say, "Oh no, not
me...I am not a jealous person at all. Let's
see for a moment if you are a jealous person:
Are you bothered when someone else receives
more attention than you?
Do you rejoice in the successes of other
Do you struggle with being second, rather
than being first?
Look With Me to the Scene in Scripture Before
Us: (Vs. 22-26)
We are in the first year of the public
ministry of Jesus--The Calm Year of His
Life. Many converts were coming to Him,
following Him in baptism. (John 4:2
teaches us Jesus did not baptize them, but
His disciples did the baptizing.)
Not far from them John the Baptist and his
disciples were also baptizing some
converts. At this time John had not been
thrown into prison, but the time is drawing
near to his beheading.
(Vs. 25-26) John's disciples began to raise
a question about purification or about the
value of their baptism since more people
are now going to Jesus. Notice: "He is
baptizing and all are coming to Him."
What was the problem? Was it baptism or
something else? John the Baptist's
disciples were truly Baptists because:
The bottom-line problem was jealousy,
but they attempted to cover it up with
spiritual talk.
John's disciples were jealous that more
people were going to Jesus than to John the
Baptist. They had missed the entire role
of John the Baptist--to be a forerunner of
Jesus Christ.
What Is Jealousy?
Jealousy is a painful or resentful desire
for another's advantages. It means to envy
or covet what someone else has.
*In this story they were jealous of the
attention Jesus received.
Ill: The problem of jealousy is so preva-
lent among people in our day,
especially in the church. For
"Why don't I get to sing as much as so-
and-so sings...?"
"Why didn't they ask me to tea ...

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