by Ronnie Floyd

1 Peter 3:8-12
March 8, 1992
The leading article on the front page of USA TODAY on
February 26, 1992, provides some interesting information for
thought. (Read from article) Television is one of the leading
contributors to disrupting relationships all over America.
It teaches our children and us to not get along with one another.
Have you evaluated the political primaries and the campaigns
of those who say they have the ability to lead this country?
Through their harsh words towards one another, they have
proven they cannot get along with people. How can you lead
people you cannot get along with in life?
The major place where our children should learn how to get
along with others is in the home. With one out of every two
marriages ending in divorce, with one out of every four children
being abused in the home, I am afraid the home has become
a poor school to learn how to get along with others.
Another place people should learn how to relate to others
is the church. However, there are adults in our church that
do not know how to get along with one another. There are
young people in our youth group who do not know how to get
along with others. There are children in our church that already
have a bias towards others, therefore, prohibiting them from
getting along with each other.
The Biblical Background:
These five verses of Scripture close out a section of 1 Peter
that teaches the Power of Submission. God has taught
us in this section about the importance of submission to
one another, to our government, to our employer on the
job, and the importance of submission in the home.
I get the feeling when I read these five verses Peter is
doing His best to get God's will over to the people. He
says to them, "to sum up." In other words, let me tell
you what submission really is and what needs to happen
in order to get along with one another in life. In these
five verses he expounds on what real ...

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