by Ronnie Floyd

Part 3
I Peter 1:13-16
"Live Like Jesus Is Coming Today"
I Peter 1:13
August 11, 1991
One of the greatest spiritual challenges you will ever have
comes from our text tonight. This great spiritual challenge
is to live your life like Jesus is coming today.
God is calling us in this section of this book to be holy people.
He wants us to be distinct from the world, separated from
the world, and to live like Jesus would live. To be holy means
you do His will, obey His commands, have His attitudes and
demonstrate the character of Jesus Christ.
God gives us in this text some steps of action we must take
in order to be holy. The first two He gave us we have already
covered. He has already told us in order to be holy we must
prepare our minds and learn to control our spirit. The third
step of action to be holy is to learn to live your life like Jesus
is coming today.
Join me as we investigate the word of God about living
like Jesus is coming today.
"Fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to
you at the revelation of Jesus Christ."
"Fix" - means to focus or to gaze or to lock your sights
on in hope. Remember, these Christians were under much
physical persecution.
"Your hope" - more than wishful thinking but hope means
to have "confident expectation."
In other words, "Focus on your confident expectation that
Christ could come today." He could come and deliver you.
He could come and comfort you. Whatever . . . But we
now live since His bodily resurrection and visible ascension
for the return of the Lord.
"Completely" - be steadfast in this. Don't be deterred
by anything.
"On the grace" - grace given at the Second Coming
of Jesus Christ.
"The revelation of Jesus Christ" - at the final appearing
of Jesus - His return - when we see Him!
Listen to what God is saying to you and me: Focus
completely on the return of Jesus Christ and you can
persevere all suffering and be a holy people. (or) ...

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