by Ronnie Floyd

Part 4
"Obeying God"
I Peter 1:13-16
September 1, 1991
introduction: An illustration of a child
obeying his father. (The place of igno-
rance and knowledge.) The child cannot
obey his father until the father expresses
to the child his will.
In the section of I Peter 1:13-16, we have
learned not only of the importance of being
holy, but we have also learned how to be
To be holy means you are separated to God
from this world. It means that you have a
desperate need for God, but He does not
have a need for you. To be holy means you
take on the character of God's Son, Jesus
Christ. We have learned that we become
h6ly by preparing our minds daily for
battle, control our spirits, live like
Jesus is coming today, and tonight we will
learn that it is a must to obey God.
T.S.: Look with me now as we preach from this
text on the subject of "Obeying God."
1. What Does It Mean to Obey God?
Exp.: "As obedient children" - The word
obedient means to conform to the
will of another. It means you con-
form your will to the will of God.
"do not be conformed" - a fashion-
ing that is superficial and
"former lusts" - previous appetites
before you met Jesus Christ.
"which were yours in your ignor-
ance" - before the Light of Jesus
Christ showed you it was sinful.
*A person without Christ is
walking in darkness, blin ...

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