by Ronnie Floyd

"Is Jesus Christ Real Today?"
1 John 1:4
Phillips Translation: "We are writing to you about something
which has always existed yet which we ourselves actually saw
and heard: something which we had opportunity to observe close-
ly and even to hold in our hands, and yet, as we know now, was
something of the very Word of life himself! For it was life
which appeared before us: we saw it, we are eyewitnesses of it,
and are now writing to you about it. It was the very life of
all ages, the life that has always existed with God the Father
which actually became visible in person to us mortal men. We
repeat, we really saw and heard what we are now writing to you
about. We want you to be with us in this-in this fellowship
with God the Father, and Jesus Christ his son. We must write
and tell you about it, because the more that fellowship extends
the greater the joy it brings to us who are already in it."
Introduction: "Coke is the Real thing" But now we have the New
Coca Cola. It it was the real thing why now a new thing? Well,
Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola can fight that one out because both are
temporal. *Jesus Christ my Lord is real. He will never be
beaten. In this text you have that question come up. Is Jesus
Christ real today?
Background Material to I John: The Author: John the disciple.
His brother James was the first Christian martyr. His family
is named Zebedee. He was an elder man as he referred to these
Christians as "little children." Early church fathers say he
wrote the book. I personally believe he wrote the Gospel of
John (one in history), the Epistles of John (one in doctrine)
and the Revelation of Jesus Christ (one in prophecy). All of
the books have one common characteristic-deity of Jesus Christ.
Date: Last decade of first century-after the gospel of John.
Place of writing: Ephesus.
Rece-ients of Letter-: Surrounding house churches in the
Ephesus area. These churches were filled with various types
of people. Some Christian in f ...

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