by Ronnie Floyd

CHOICES: Making Sure Your Everyday Decisions Move You Closer to
Message #3
"Choosing Reverence"
September 25, 1994

INTRODUCTION: One of the most frightening Scriptures found
anywhere in the Bible is in Romans 3:18. It says, "There is no
fear of God before their eyes." This statement follows a long
and gruesome list of sins that have occurred all because people
have not feared the Lord. I believe firmly that if a person
does not live their life in fear of God, they have the potential
to commit any sin.

The reason our country is facing a moral decline that is
proceeding at the pace of a falling star is all because we do
not fear or reverence the Lord, as a nation. The reason our
churches are filled with dead wood as members is because our
churches are not fearing or reverencing the Lord. The reason
the youth of America would rather court Madonna than Christ is
because the adult and young generations, in this country, do not
fear or reverence the Lord.

THE STORY OF ABRAHAM: Let me introduce you to a godly man named
Abraham. His marriage with Sarah was in trouble. They were not
newlyweds, but had been married for years. He was 86 years old
and she was 76 years old. Both of them had left their homeland
to follow God years ago because the Lord had promised them that
through them all of the families of the earth would be blessed.
The problem existed because they could not have any children.
How could God fulfill his promise to them if Sarah was barren?

Sarah became impatient with God. She took matters into her own
hands. She reasoned that her servant, ...

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