by Ronnie Floyd

"The Power of a Right Choice"
1 Kings 3:5-14
September 11, 1994

INTRODUCTION: The dormitory was dark. It was filthy. The
plumbing had backed up. The beds were dirty. They were stacked
high and were overcrowded with people.

Nausea was about to overcome Betsie and Corrie ten Boom as they
crawled into their beds in their new home called, Ravensbruck, a
German concentration camp. They had been hauled, like animals,
to this camp for hiding Jews in their Holland home. In the
darkness Corrie felt something continually pinching her leg.
She cried, "Fleas". The place was swarming with them and she
asked, "How can we live like this?"

Her sister, Betsie, fumbled for her Bible and reminded Corrie
that earlier that day, God had given them a special word. She
encouraged her sister and those around them that God wanted them
to give thanks for these circumstances. On this cold evening in
Ravensbruck, Corrie and Betsie made a choice. They chose to
forgive their tormentors and to find God's purpose in these
horrible circumstances. Corrie and Betsie made a choice to
experience spiritual power.

Even though we are now living 50 years later, our choices every
day are just as critical to our lives as in the lives of Betsie
and Corrie ten Boom. We are faced with many options in our
lives everyday. We are called to the high power of choice.
What is the high power of choice? The high power of choice is
a right response to the various options we are given every day.
This high power of choice results in spiritual power, real
personal success, and meaningful relationships ...

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