by Ronnie Floyd

CHOICES: Making Sure Your Everyday Decisions Move You Closer to
Message # 5
John 7:17
October 9, 1994

INTRODUCTION: In Russell Conwell's book, Acres of Diamonds, he
tells the story of a character named Ali Hafed. Ali was a very
successful farmer, but decided to search for a greater fortune.
. . a mine of diamonds. After leaving family and friends, his
search ended in failure. Ali fell to his death in the sea.

This does not end the story. The man who bought Ali's farm was
working on his new land one day and discovered a large black
stone. He decided to display it in his home as a keepsake. A
friend came by and thought that Ali had possibly been successful
in his worldwide search for a diamond mine. But the new owner
of the land told him, "No, I found it in my back yard." His
friend felt that the stone had value and they went to the
backyard and in their search discovered hundreds of stones just
like it. These stones proved to be diamonds. The farm became
one of the great diamond mines of the world.

Think how Ali Hafed's life would have been different if he had
begun his search for diamonds in his own backyard. His wrong
choice led him to despair and death.

There are Christians who search for the will of God all over the
world, just as Hafed searched for diamonds. They become
frustrated with the futility of their task searching like
children playing "hide and seek." God does not play "hide and
seek" with His children, especially concerning His will.

A father should never taunt his children by making them guess

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