by Ronnie Floyd

"Choices To An Empowered Ministry"
I Kings 3:7-10
Arkansas Baptist State Convention Pastor's Conference
October 31, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Question: Are you changing your culture around
you or is your culture changing you? The power of our culture
is so great it is choking the life of God out of pastors,
Christian leaders, and churches all over America. We have the
extraordinary task of reaching the first post-Christian culture
in the history of America.

Think with me about it for a moment. Our culture today does not
believe in absolute truth. Do you realize that 81% of the
people born since 1964 do not believe in absolute truth? The
"baby boomer" generation grew up asking, "Is there a God?", but
the "baby buster" generation, known as generation X is growing
up asking, "Which God?" The reason our culture does not believe
in absolute truth is because we are biblically illiterate. The
problems of sex, peer pressure, substance abuse, and suicide
exist because of a greater problem-- biblical illiteracy which
has now resulted in the vacuum of believing that absolute truth
does not exist.

In the early 1900's our culture stated, "Certain things are
right and certain things are wrong and I know why." In this era
morality existed. In the 1960's and 1970's which was a time of
immorality, the philosophy became, "Certain things are right and
wrong, but I don't care." In our day of preferred "no
morality", the philosophy is, "There is no such thing as right
and wrong." Friends, this is the culture you are called to

All of this leads to one of our gre ...

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