by Ronnie Floyd

Choosing Meaningful Relationships
Choices: Making Sure Your Everyday Decisions Move You Closer to God
Ronnie Floyd
Proverbs 18:24; John 15:13-14

INTRODUCTION: Everyone cannot be your best friend and you cannot be a best friend to everyone. Meaningful relationships don't just happen. They go through a process of growth and development. There are various levels that are involved in all of your life. Look at them with me today. Let's begin with:

Level Four: Surface Relationships
(These are the most common and fundamental of all relationships. You begin by learning someone's name and engaging in light conversation. You know, weather talk.)

Level Three: Structured Relationships
(When a surface relationship is ready to go to another level it is usually because it is structured to do so. Structured relationships take place usually at a specific time each week. This could be your Sunday School class each week)

Level Two: Secure Relationships
(When the structured relationship becomes healthy and enjoyable, the relationship moves on to another level. There is a desire to spend more time together. Trust begins to form. At this level sometimes a relationship begins to be tested. The most common test is of trust.) Friendship can grow into personal friendship at this level.

Level One: Solid Relationships
(The apex of all relationships. Complete trust and confidentiality exist on this level. This is the ultimate. If your life ends and you have five solid relationships, you are very blessed.

A MAJOR INSIGHT: The level of the relationship will be determined by the way those involved respond to conflict. (If a conflict occurs and you do not respond well, then your relationship regresses; however, if you respond well, the relationship goes to a deeper and higher level. Conflict can become your friend in a relationship versus your enemy.)

Ill: Jesus' relationships: multitude - level 4;religious people - Level 3; disciples - level 2; Mary, Mother, Lazarus, M ...

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