by Ronnie Floyd

Choosing Accountability
CHOICES: Making Sure Your Everyday Decisions Move You Closer to God
Ronnie Floyd
Romans 14:12
October 23, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Ultimate accountability for each one of us will be to God. I want you to keep Romans 14:12 continually in your mind today as you become even more aware that one day you will stand before God and give Him an account - a report on your life.

The word accountability means to give a word by word report, explanation, or reckoning of your life to God and to others. It is the process of you understanding that you are responsible for your choices. Listen closely: Do not be deceived or misled, you are responsible to others and to God for the choices you make in your life. All choices have consequences, either good or bad. Your life is a product of your choices and only you are responsible for it. Not your past, your present, your mate, your ex-mate. You alone are responsible!

America is a nation filled with thousands of integrity crises - in politics, in business, in churches, and in families. People feel no sense of obligation for the words they speak. Moral failure is at an all-time high in every area of life. No morality is preferred over morality. Situational ethics contributes to this decline. People are letting their individual situations determine their authority and their choices. This is sad and it is ripping the lives of people all across this land.

Accountability is needed to overcome spiritual failure.
Accountability is needed to overcome family failure.
Accountability is needed to overcome ethical and moral failure.

Ill: Coach Bill McCartney of The University of Colorado is the visionary leader of a spiritual movement in this country that is taking place among men. It is called Promise Keepers. This movement is encouraging men to keep the promises that they make in life. Accountability is implemented so these men will be men of integrity, morality, and spirituality. Over 250,000 men have met ...

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