by Ronnie Floyd

Choosing Self Control
CHOICES: Making Everyday Decisions That Can Move You Closer to God
Ronnie Floyd
Galatians 5:22-23
October 2, 1994

INTRODUCTION: When is self-control tested the most in your life? For me, it is when I am behind the wheel of a car. It always seems that I am in a hurry. For example, when we are on a trip and our family stops for a few minutes of rest, I feel compelled to make up for the time I lost. If I went on a similar trip the year before in a certain amount of time, I feel that it is my duty to beat that time on this trip. I do not know what it is, but I have this desire to conquer when I am driving a car. Usually, the only obstacle I have in meeting this goal is sitting to my right. One of my concerns is that I worry about my boys growing up knowing that I am able to drive a car without their mom's assistance. Do any of you identify with this?

Each of us struggles with self-control in many ways. A life out of control will result in additional problems in life.

THE ASSOCIATION: Are you aware that there is an association between the Holy Spirit and self-control? In Galatians 5:22-23, we see that part of the cluster of benefits of a Spirit-controlled life is self-control. When we are being controlled by the Holy Spirit, we will choose self-control.

When I began to realize this association, I began two practices in my life everyday:

1) To pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit in my life everyday. In Ephesians 5:18, we learn that just as a drunk man is controlled by the excess of his drink, we are to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. The word "filled" means to be controlled. I began to realize that each day I was being controlled by my selfish will or by God, the Holy Spirit. I began to learn that when I was controlled by the Holy Spirit, I was being empowered to practice self-control. Daily surrender of everything and every part of me is essential.

2) To pray for the daily events of my life. The only way to have more tim ...

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