by Ronnie Floyd

Choosing God's Prosperity
Ronnie Floyd
Proverbs 3:9-10 and Matthew 6:33
October 16, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Anytime you make a poor choice in your life, you embrace a false system of success. Over the last several days, I have tried to take a fresh approach to our subject today. The last thing I ever want to do as your spiritual leader and feeder is to mislead you. Therefore, I want you to know that a choice toward God's prosperity is a choice to genuine success in your life. Let's make sure we are on the same page concerning this term prosperity.

The well-known prosperity gospel can be summarized in one phrase: "If you give to the Lord, He will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise." I do not believe in this statement. Some would teach if you give to God He will bless you in extravagant material ways. In addition, they would teach you that you would always be healthy because all sickness is a result of sin. All of this is heresy. It cannot be substantiated in God's Word. When I speak about God's prosperity, I am not speaking about the well-known mentality of what is known today as the "prosperity gospel." Beware of these lies.

What is God's prosperity? God's prosperity is when God meets your needs, plus some. The basic needs of life are found in Matthew 6 when Jesus referred to what we drink, eat, and wear on our bodies. Jesus said that when we seek Him first, we will not be weary over these things, but God will meet these needs, plus some. Under this definition, most of us, if not all of us here today are very blessed and prosperous. The reason I believe so much in this definition of God's prosperity is that it can take place in all cultures of the world, whereas, this heretical prosperity gospel is only good for upper middle class to upper class America. The false prosperity gospel will not fly on the streets of Rwanda.

Will you choose God's prosperity for your life today? If I were to offer you a plan that would care for all of your present needs on t ...

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