by Ronnie Floyd

Our Bridge to the World
Ronnie Floyd
1 Corinthians 13:1-3, 13
November 20, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Dr. Karl Menninger is a famous American psychiatrist. He has discovered that people who are able to give and receive love recover more quickly from their illnesses. In contrast, those who lack love often develop personality scars and some even die. Love is essential to our overall health as a person.

I believe that every human being has two basic desires. Each of us has a desire to be loved, as well as a desire to love someone else. Love is essential to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

In our culture today, genuine love is a missing ingredient. This lack of genuine love results in dysfunctional families, rejection, loneliness, a lack of respect for authority, worldly sensuality, and a host of other things that are not healthy in our society. People are crying out for someone to love them.

Therefore, as the church of Jesus Christ we are to walk in love. Love can be the bridge to the world that is crying out for love. The world does not need feelings of love, but actions of love.

The key to a mature person is love. The key to a mature family is love. The key to a mature friendship is love. The key to a mature church is love. In Dr. Gene Getz's new book, The Walk, he writes, "Without question, love is the greatest mark of maturity when it comes to measuring the spiritual vitality of the church." Love is our bridge to the world. They will not hear our message of the gospel if we do not love them.

T. S.: This morning I want to share with you this word from the Lord, this message entitled, "Our Bridge to the World."

1. WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT LOVE (1 Corinthians 13:1-3, 13)

Exp: Over 55 X in the New Testament we are commanded to love. (enemies, hate us, to the downcast)

Over 15 X in the New Testament, we are told to love one another, mainly referring to loving relationships in the body of Christ, the church.

Over 8 X in the New Testament w ...

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