by Ronnie Floyd

Living Courageously in Critical Times
Ronnie Floyd
Daniel 2:27-28
May 8, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever gone to bed troubled and not able to sleep? Have you ever gone to bed, had a terrifying dream, and could not go back to sleep? You became burdened and troubled by what you had dreamed about that evening. You were sleepless and the next day you looked like it.

I was reminded this week in my reading of a story I had read years ago. During a meeting with his cabinet on the morning of April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln shared with them about this dream that he had been having over a series of evenings. In this dream, he saw himself onboard a singular, indescribable vessel that was moving quickly to an indefinite shore. They talked about the dream that morning, but no one seemed to know what it meant. It was on that evening that Abraham Lincoln went to Ford's Theatre and was assassinated by the gunshot of John Wilkes Booth. He entered into eternity.

The vessel Lincoln had dreamed about was his own life. He was receiving a warning about what was soon to take place. He was moving rapidly to the shores of eternity. He did not realize that his dream had such catastrophic implications not only for himself, but also the nation of America.

Dreams do not always convey messages. Yet, in the Old Testament, the Lord continually revealed Himself and His will through various dreams to people. One of these dreams was to Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. The dream made him "Sleepless in Babylon."

(vs. 1-13) The Counselors to Nebuchadnezzar.
(vs. 14-19) Daniel's request to Arioch and the King. (Prayer and Mystery of vision revealed.)
(vs. 20-23)Daniel's praise to the Sovereign God.
(vs. 24-35)Daniel's revelation of the dream to the king.

Daniel 2 is referred to as the ABC of prophecy while the book of Revelation is referred to as the XYZ of prophecy. Daniel 2 is the key to God's entire prophetic prog ...

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