by Ronnie Floyd

America, Is the Handwriting on the Wall?
Ronnie Floyd
Daniel 5:1-31
May 29, 1994

INTRODUCTION: The death and burial of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis this past week symbolizes much of what America has gone through in the last thirty years. I was in a second grade classroom on that November day in 1963 when our teacher informed us of the assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. I remember sitting in front of the television for hours, as a boy, mourning the death of our President and feeling the pain with their family during that tragedy.

You know, the America that JFK led and where Jackie became a world renown figure, is not the America of today. At that time, our nation still believed and practiced some of the great Christian principles that we were founded upon. We could still pray and read the Bible in our public schools, even though the hoof beats of liberals were stampeding toward us to take these privileges away. We were not murdering unborn babies by the millions nor killing those who perhaps were not experiencing, by human measure, quality of life. The family and the church were still the central institutions then, rather than today simply receiving the leftovers of indulgent selfish excesses.

I thought my wife was going to have a stroke this week when the news commentators referred to Jacqueline Kennedy as a leading feminist. Then, in the same breath, utter praise to her for being committed to raising her children. Listen, she was no where close to a feminist as defined today. I have never met one feminist who believed her greatest calling in life was to raise her children and be at home with them. Yes, America has changed.

Today, much of our nation ridicules God. We wink at immorality. The name of Jesus is not permitted to be used unless it is used in vain or jest. The Ten Commandments no longer are on the walls of our schools. Hundreds of thousands have embraced the homosexual movement including the leadership of our nation. ( ...

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