by Ronnie Floyd

How to Stand Tall in a Crisis
Living Courageously in Critical Times
Ronnie Floyd
May 1, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Anytime God wants you to do something great for Him you will face a crisis of belief. In Henry Blackaby's study, Experiencing God, he writes, "The crisis of belief is a turning point where you make a decision. What decision is he speaking about?

Decisions such as , "Will I follow God in my life or my own desire?" "Will I live my life from God's viewpoint or from the human viewpoint?" Anytime you face decisions such as these you are challenged to stand tall in the crisis.

There are many major crises we all face in life in the various stages we go through: As a child, will you bring honor and value to your mother and father by obeying them? As a teenager, will you preserve yourself sexually? Will you continue to honor your mother and father? Will you date only strong and courageous believers in Jesus Christ? Will you choose the right friends? Will you attend only the kind of movies that will not corrupt your Christian morals? As a young adult, will you wait on God's perfect choice for you to marry? Will you seek sincerely the vocation that God wants you to enter? Will you pray about which college or trade school that you are to get your education? As an adult, will you remain faithful to your spouse even when tempted to do something else? Will you raise your children in the nurture of the Lord? Will you model biblical priorities before them? Will you be a courageous parent and protect your child from making wrong choices in life? As a senior adult, will you finish well? Will you model before others that you can be old in years, but young in life when you follow God? The question above others to each of us: Will you honor God through the various stages through your life?

T. S.: Daniel's crises were similar to ours. His generation faced a biblical crisis, a sexual crisis, an educational crisis, and a spiritual crisis. Would he stand tall in the cri ...

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