by Ronnie Floyd

Light or Lite
Ronnie Floyd
Matthew 5:14-16
March 6, 1994

INTRODUCTION: The city of Las Vegas, Nevada is exploding with growth. The growth is not only in population, but also in business. Grand, expensive and luxurious hotels are opening which can accommodate multiple thousands of guests for an evening.

One of these is the Luxor Hotel. This hotel was built and opened recently around an Egyptian theme. Ancient Egyptians believed that the pathway to eternal life was a beam of light ascending from a pyramid's sloping sides. Therefore, the Luxor Hotel prides itself in having the brightest man-made light anywhere in the world.

The light shines with the strength of 40 searchlights or 40 billion candles. This would be the equivalent of every person on earth holding seven burning candles at once. On a clear night, the light is supposedly visible to airplane passengers at a cruising altitude 250 miles away in Southern California. The brightness of this light from the Egyptian Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is absolutely unbelievable.

This man made light, even as powerful as it is, is secondary to the real light of the world, Jesus Christ. Look with me to:
John 8:12. I want you to look at this text with me for a moment. Since Jesus is the light, what can He do as the light?
Look with me to:
John 14:6, (way, truth, life).
Jesus declares to us in Matthew 5: 14-16 that we are to be the light of the World. He says that through us people should be pointed to God, be able to know Jesus Christ, and experience eternal life.

Rather than being the real LIGHT, some of us are LITE. In our diet conscious society, we are always wanting the LITE stuff. However, in the Christian life, we must be the real LIGHT.

T.S. This morning, I want our conversation to be in two major areas. I want to begin by talking to you about.


Exp. John 3:19-20 (Darkness, evil deeds, hates light)
John 8:12 (Light, Follo ...

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