by Ronnie Floyd

Following Jesus' Leadership
Ronnie Floyd
Matthew 9:35-38
March 27, 1994

The month of April is Harvest Month here at First Baptist Church of Springdale. To a farmer, harvest season is when the crops are gathered from the fields. Harvest season is the climactic time of the year after he has faithfully and patiently planted the crop, cultivated it and nourished it to maturity. To a church, harvest season is when we attempt to win more people to Jesus in an intentional manner than any other time of the year. Seeds have been planted, the cultivation of relationships has occurred, prayer and fasting have accompanied it and we are ready to see the Lord bring people to Jesus.

T.S.: In everything we do we should follow the principles of Jesus, even in regard to the harvest. Therefore, today I want to speak to you about, "Following Jesus' Leadership." As servants of Jesus, we should discover what Jesus is doing and follow Him in it. There are four observations that I want to make from this text today in following Jesus' leadership. We need to begin with looking at. . .


Exp. "all the cities and the villages" -- meaning that He was going where all the people were. His ministry was not isolated to just cities or just villages, but He went everywhere.

*From the writings of Josephus, a Jewish historian, we know that in the Galilean area, there were some 200 cities and villages in which Jesus traveled with a ministry potential of some three million people.

Ill: The threat of many churches today: "We are going to be this kind of church and reach just these kinds of people." (Not at FBC Springdale)

App: Our commitment needs to be:
1) Take the message to where the people are. (MNWA and U of A)
2) Take the message to all the people.

2. WHAT JESUS DID (v. 35)

Exp: Off of this strong verb, "was going," Matthew uses three participles in this verse that tell us what Jesus did when he travele ...

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