by Ronnie Floyd

How to Build Your Life
Ronnie Floyd
1 Corinthians 3:10-15
March 13, 1994

INTRODUCTION: While I was in college, I was home for a short vacation. Since my brother felt sorry for me, knowing that I needed some money, he asked me to build a small barn for him. I had never built a barn before so I began asking various questions. I became convinced that I could do it, so I began constructing a barn. Believe it or not, I built it. Now, since that day I have never built anything. I seriously doubt that it is still standing, since I built it leaning in a certain direction.

Whenever I get my tools out, my wife begins to pray. A couple of years ago Jeana asked me to help her complete our boys science fair project. I had not done anything to help to this point. All she wanted me to do was to screw the hinges on the boards so the presentation could look nice. I agreed to do so and laid it on our wooden kitchen table. When I completed it, I was supposed to have had this bonding experience. When I tried to pick it guessed it, I had screwed the hinges not only to the boards but also to my wife's kitchen table.

I do not know a great deal, personally, about building a building myself, however, I do understand how to build your life according to the Bible.

T. S. This morning I want to talk to you about, "How to Build Your Life." There are three essential ingredients in building your life to the glory of God.

1. An Enduring Foundation. (vs 10-11)

Exp. "wise masterbuilder" - Architect, skilled craftsman
"builds" - present tense, continuous action.
This in contrast to a carnal life.
"other than" - Rather than, more than Jesus Christ.

Ill: Matthew 7:24 - 27

Ill: California multi-m ...

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