by Ronnie Floyd

The Antichrist - The Coming World Dictator
Living Courageously in Critical Times
Ronnie Floyd
Daniel 7:1-28
July 17, 1994

INTRODUCTION: "He will have the oratorical skill of John Kennedy, the inspirational power of Winston Churchill, the determination of a Joseph Stalin, the vision of Karl Marx, the respectability of Ghandi, the military bravery of Douglas MacArthur, the charm of Bill Clinton, and the genius of King Solomon".

Who am I speaking about? The coming Antichrist. He will be the most perfect sort of a man since the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, the Antichrist will be short of Christ Himself. His number will be 666, meaning he is under the perfect 7, The Lord Jesus Himself.

In the Book of Daniel, the first six chapters are about Daniel the man. The last six chapters of Daniel are composed of a prophetic line that is revealed to Daniel in his life. These last six chapters are just as exciting as the first six chapters and they call us to prepare ourselves for the end of time. This is why the theme is the same, "Living Courageously in Critical Times."

We are living in the last days. These days are the days just prior to the rapture of the church - the great snatching away of believers just prior to the seven year tribulation period that will come to an end when Jesus Himself returns to the Earth to reign for 1,000 years.

T. S. Out of Daniel 7, we see the emerging of the Antichrist. This person will be against the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to entitle our study today, "The Antichrist...The Coming World Dictator." In our time together today, I am going to teach you this entire seventh chapter of Daniel. Let's begin our study together by talking about.....


Exp: Daniel received this vision from God between Daniel 4-5, or around 553 B. C., when Daniel was about 67 years old. In Daniel 2, he saw the statue picturing these four beasts, while in Daniel 7, he sees the character of these nations.

As we look at ...

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