by Ronnie Floyd

How to Make Your Goals in 1995
Ronnie Floyd
Philippians 3:14
January 8, 1995

INTRODUCTION: John Maxwell is an innovative and motivating pastor in San Diego. I receive his monthly tape on leadership. This past month his tape was entitled, "Comfort Zone or End Zone." His goal was to get people to stop living in the comfort zone in their lives, but to have an end zone mentality. When a person lives with an end zone mentality it means that the person always has a goal of getting into the end zone to score. In the game of football the end zone is where the touchdown or score is made.

One of the observations that Maxwell made was in relationship to the two-minute offense in the game of football. The two-minute offense is run by a team when there is two minutes left before the first half ends or it is run in the last two minutes of the game. He said that teams that run the two-minute offense score three times as much as when they run their normal offense. Think of it with me for a moment: The goal of a football game is to get the ball into the end zone. So why don't teams run the two minute offense more often if they score three times as much? I am not sure of that, but there is one thing I know: A team that runs the two minute offense has one goal in mind and that is to get the ball into the end zone. Their focus, time, and communication is all geared to reach this goal.

What is a goal in life? A goal is an aim, a purpose, an objective that you have in your life. A person without a goal will aim for nothing and will hit it successfully every time.

Ill: In the game of basketball there is one goal: to get the ball into the basket. The goal is not to dribble well or to pass well even though those will help you reach your goal, but your goal is to get the ball into the basket. If you get the ball into the basket more than your opponent you win the game.

Many times in life we forget that we are to have goals. We dribble here and dribble th ...

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