by Ronnie Floyd

Things to Remember when you Win the Super Bowl of your Life
Ronnie Floyd
Joshua 1:1-9

INTRODUCTION: The top event in American sporting life is the Super Bowl. You may prefer the World Series or the collegiate Final Four, but make no mistake about it, all factors point to the Super Bowl being the grandest event of them all.

This is why corporations will spend $900,000 for 30 seconds of ad time during the Super Bowl. This is why out of the 10 most watched TV programs in the history of television, the Super Bowl has captured 9 of those slots, with the 1983 final showing of the series MASH, picking up the only non-Super Bowl listing. Do you realize that 133,400,000 people will watch this game tonight? One of my friends in Atlanta shared with me ten days ago that he could get two tickets to the Super Bowl for $900. Make no mistake about it, the Super Bowl is some kind of game.

This year will be a rematch of the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. Last year, Dallas humiliated Buffalo 52-17, but this year will probably be a much different story. When a team experiences the joy of being labeled World Champions, everyone is going after you, week by week. This is why very few teams ever repeat in consecutive Super Bowls and this year highlights, for the first time ever in its twenty-eight year history, a rematch in back-to-back years.

After forty years of wilderness wanderings filled with an annual session of griping and complaining, Moses dies and Joshua takes over as their God-anointed leader. In Joshua 3, their dream was finally realized as they crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land. They had finally reached the pinnacle, the summit, the Super Bowl of their lives...the Promised Land of God. It must have been an emotional and thrilling experience for each person involved. They finally experienced victory by entering God's Promised Land.

Many of us here today have experienced victories in our lives. We have experienced the fulfillment of some ...

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