by Ronnie Floyd

What Happens when You Fail to Make it to the Supper Bowl of Life?
Ronnie Floyd
Numbers 20:2, 8-13
January 23, 1994

INTRODUCTION: The quest to play in the 1994 Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia is almost over. This afternoon, the final pieces of the puzzle will be fitted and completed. Thousands will watch in Dallas, Texas, the rematch of last years National Football League Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. Thousands will also brave the chilled weather in Buffalo today as the Buffalo Bills will play the Kansas City Chiefs for the American Football League Championship. The winners of these two games will play next Sunday evening in Atlanta, Georgia to see who will be the 1994 World Champions in the sport of football.

It is obvious that only two out of all the other teams will play for the World Championship. What about the other teams....just think what they are going through. What about some of the greatest players of all who have never even had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. Men like Warren Moon of the Houston Oilers, Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins, Reggie White of the Green Bay Packers, and Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions. These are world class athletes who, some would say, are the best of the best in their positions, yet they have never played in a Super Bowl. Just think of what it must be like for them to go through these disappointing days in January.

Everyone here today can identify with those guys. Even as they have failed to make it to the Super Bowl game of their lives, each of us has had equally disappointing experiences in our lives. The Super Bowl represents the ultimate....whatever the ultimate may be for you. For some the Super Bowl of your life may be the ultimate job, to live in the ultimate sub-division, to drive the ultimate car, to live in the ultimate location, to live with ultimate health, to retire in the ultimate circumstances, to have the ultimate resources in your life so that y ...

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