by Ronnie Floyd

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Self-esteem or God-esteem (2 of 6)
A Series on the Book of Ephesians
Ronnie Floyd
Ephesians 1:4-6
January 22, 1995

INTRODUCTION: The philosophy of self-esteem will always result in personal emptiness and public failure. I do not believe that any self-esteem seminar or book will lead you to fulfillment. Why? The emphasis is on the wrong person. . . self. Any emphasis on what you are, based on your self-esteem is performance based and works on a trying harder philosophy. It is not the way I see myself that is important, but rather, it is the way God sees me that is important. Self-esteem results in flesh living, bondage, and condemnation.

If you are a genuine follower of Jesus, what is important is the way God-esteems you, the way He sees you. Now that we have dual citizenship, here and in the heavenlies, we are able to experience every spiritual blessing which certainly places the emphasis on the way God sees me and what He says about me. God-esteemed living will result in spiritual life and success. Why? Because the emphasis is on God, not on you. You do not need better self-esteem (self-image), you need a better God-esteem of yourself. The only way you are going to learn fully how God works in your life is to know, memorize, and to meditate upon what and who God says you are.

T.S.: Today, I want to instruct you in God esteemed living. I want to share with you today three profound mysteries concerning what God says about you once you have been saved from your sin, yourself, and from hell.


Ill: One of the greatest mysteries in all of the Bible is the mystery of God's sovereignty and man's will to choose. John MacArthur's advice to me was to teach each of them whenever I come across them in scripture. Let the mystery of God's sovereignty in salvation remain without trying to fit it into your system of belief. (Heresy)

Exp: "He chose us" - means it is totally God's independent choice. He did so for his own glory an ...

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