by Ronnie Floyd

In the Midst of the Storm
Rick Ferguson
Mark 4:35-41
February 27, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever been through a major storm in your life? Personal story of going through Hurricane Carla, spending the evening in the basement of our church, resting in the fact that my father was with me.

Life is full of storms. Not just ones that deal with nature, but ones that we face in life through various circumstances. Many times those storms are referred to as the trials of life or the trouble we face in life. I have said it at least 100 times in the past seven and one-half years: You are either going into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of a storm in your life.

Just recently I became intrigued with the results of a survey that was listed in USA TODAY. It listed the top five troubles for people, according to the National Opinion Research Center:

(1) Death of a child
(2) Death of a spouse
(3) Being unable to purchase food
(4) Death of a parent
(5) Having a home destroyed or heavily damaged by fire, flood, or some other disaster.

In further research, they listed 58 possible troubles that people could face in life. The average adult said he or she had experienced four of those 58 troubles within the past year. The percentage of those adults surveyed experienced the following trouble last year:

73% Health related trouble
29% Work related trouble
26% Financial related trouble
22% House related trouble
22% Family/personal related trouble
20% Material hardship related trouble
14% Law/crime related trouble

Hear me: Life is full of trouble. Storms. Trials. You cannot escape them.

Jonah was placed in a storm by the Lord because of His disobedience to God. In the text we read a moment ago, we know that the disciples of Jesus were placed in a storm because of their obedience to Jesus. This goes to show you that it rains, troubles come, storms come on the just and the unjust. Storms are a part of your life.

IN OUR BIBLE STUDY TODAY, Jesus had bee ...

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