by Ronnie Floyd

The Winning Church
Rick Ferguson
Romans 1:14-16
February 13, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Few universities in America have the tradition of the University of Arkansas Razorback fans. When I was a teenager, I attended a University of Texas and University of Arkansas game in Austin, Texas. My tickets placed me right in the middle of the Arkansas Razorback section. On that evening, I learned so many things.

I saw hog hats, hog noses, and heard hog calls. The people were serious about winning and could care less what others thought about the way they conducted themselves in public about their team.

I have discovered since moving here over seven years ago that this tradition has only grown. When I go to these basketball games, I am amazed at the way some of you act. You are excited, clapping, standing, yelling, hog-calling, and singing. There is no shame in you at all! I love it! However, I think to myself on many of these occasions. Are these the same people who sit so sedately and sophisticated in church; not very happy, somewhat unmotivated to enjoy what they are doing. Listen, you ought to be more excited and joyous about being a part of a winning church, than being a part of a winning university tradition. And as unashamed as you are to be a Razorback fan, you ought to be as unashamed being a Christian.

Today, we are celebrating the sixth anniversary of being in our Worship Center. Let's not forget: this building is not our church. You are the church. You are the winning church.

Some might ask today, "Why do I need the church?" You need the church to help you grow in Christ, to care for you, and to unite you in the winning tradition of taking the gospel to all the world.

Children, teenagers, and college students, I want you to listen very carefully today. You are the future leaders of our church. This message today never needs to be forgotten by you. You must be willing to fight to see that this message is always the heartbeat of this church.

T. S.: ...

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