by Ronnie Floyd

The Battle of Armageddon... Then What?
Ronnie Floyd
Daniel 11-12
August 14, 1994

INTRODUCTION: On April 24th of this year, I began preaching through the great book of Daniel. Over these months I have encouraged you to live courageously in these critical times. Are you more courageous now than you were months ago? Are you fearless, valiant, and brave in these dangerous and difficult times? The times are not going to get any easier. In fact, we are on a prophetic countdown to the final things, yes, even to the Battle of Armageddon.

We can receive comfort through these dangerous times by remembering the great theme of Daniel's book. The theme is that God is sovereign over all human affairs, not only in the lives of individuals, but also over the nations of the world. He is in complete control. This is why we can face the future with courage.

As the prophetic clock races toward the emergence of the antichrist and the final battle of all battles at Armageddon, we must know God's Word is going to be fulfilled even to the specific details.

For example, I am not sure there is another chapter in all of the Bible that shows God's power to foretell the future more than Daniel 11. In this chapter, Daniel is able to have reviewed for him many of the prophecies that we have already dealt with in detail. This is why I am going to briefly look at the majority of Chapter 11 and then give great attention to the last of Chapter 11 and all of Chapter 12.

Daniel 11:1-2 give to us prophecies concerning Persia. They are fulfilled.

Daniel 11: 3-4 give to us prophecies concerning Greece. They are fulfilled.

Daniel 11:4-35 give to us prophecies concerning Egypt and Syria, known as the North and the South. This section lists the kings of the south (Egypt) beginning with Ptolemy I and ending with Ptolemy VI Philometer. This section lists all of the kings of the north (Syria) beginning with Seleucas I and ending with Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Remember that already in ou ...

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