by Ronnie Floyd

Living Courageously in Critical Times
Ronnie Floyd
A Series on the Book of Daniel
"A Generation In Crisis"
Daniel 1:1-7
April 24, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Throughout the next several weeks you will learn many times about the theme of the book of Daniel.

THEME: God is sovereign over all human affairs, not only in the lives of individuals, but also over the nations of the world. For God to be sovereign means that He is in all and over all. He is in complete control.

COURAGE: The quality of your mind or spirit that helps you to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear. It means that you will be fearless, brave or valiant.

ENCOURAGE: To inspire courage or confidence in someone's life.

GENERATION: Those persons living at a particular time in history. It does not always mean a number of years. In using the word generation today, I am speaking of every person living in the world today.

T.S.: When I think of our present generation, we are, "A Generation in Crisis." From Daniel 1:1-7, we see that in Daniel's time, his generation was also one in crisis. There are four crises that we share with Daniel's generation. The first crisis we share is. . . .


Ill: Just recently I was reading an article from Bob DeMoss, Jr. of Focus on the Family. The article was entitled, "Primary Issues Facing Teenagers Today." He said the primary issue facing teenagers today is biblical illiteracy. Teenagers today do not know the Bible, therefore, there is a vacuum of values and standards. This is why peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol, and suicide are major problems in the teenage generation. I am convinced that he is correct because this is the greatest crisis among adults as well.

Exp: The year was 605 B.C. Jehoiakim was king of Judah. Judah was the people of God, the Jewish people. Jehoiakim was a godless leader. Judah had lived in sin for many years. They ignored God's law of the Sabbath concerning the land, so for 490 years they ga ...

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