by Fred Lowery



Be Happy: Know Cost Personality

The worst thing that can happen is not getting what you want. The second
worst thing is getting what you want. That's what Orson Welles said and
there is a lot of truth in it. Because once you get what you thought you
wanted and it doesn't satisfy, then you are more unhappy than ever.

Happiness. Everybody is looking for it and it seems like nobody can find
it. Most surveys indicate about 20% of the people are finding some happiness.
Well where does one look for happiness? Well, the usual place is riches but
it will take more than money to make you happy. Some of the richest people
in the world have been miserable people. I know. Every time I say that
you think in your mind, yeah, but I'd like to try. I'd just like to try.
Riches might ruin me, but I'd just like to see and I may not be able to
handle it if God gave it to me, but just let me try it and surely it's
better than what i've got right now. aut riches will, not make- -fou happy.

Recognition? No. Fame is fleeting. The people who are the heroes today,
you won't remember their names 10, 15 years from now. When I was in the
Cowboy locker room back when I used to be such a Cowboy fan. I'm no
longer a fan. I'm a prayer partner. Take an absolute miracle. But the
thing that impressed me more than anything else in the Cowboy locker room
was that the names of the play@, even the star piwiers, were written in
chalk. Now that shows you how they come and go. If things aren't going
well, you get a new owner, you just erase them. And you start again.
So fame is not the answer to happiness.

Relationships? won't make you happy. Even people who love you will sooner
or later let you down. You cannot put your happiness in relationships. Not
in a wife, not in a husband, not in your children. You can't put your
happiness in people.

Recreational drugs? You know better than that. That pre ...

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