by Fred Lowery

Be Happy: Live One Day at a Time

The doctor !Aaid to his patient "I've got some bad news, and some really
bad news for you". The bad news is that you only have 24 hours to live,
and the really bad news is that I was supposed to have told you yesterday."

What is you had 24, hours to live? Would life be different for you? Would
all of a sudden things that didn't matter, begin to matter? Would priorities

Yet, this book teaches that we are to live on a daily basis. We were in
Juneau, Alaska a couple of weeks ago. Jerry and Phyllis and Leigh and
I went hiking up in the mountains. And on our hike we found some
abandoned gold mines way up there in a beautiful setting. It was misting
rain, and we found this cottage and who walks out that door was Elvis
Presley! That's enough to make those old ladies drop their knitting!
:No, we didn't see Elvis Presley - he's dead! But I wanted your attention.
To tell you about something I read about Elvis Presley. He said to a
bell hop one day at the Las Vegas Hilton "I would give a hundred thou'sand
dollars to be a bell hop for one day." The bell hop couldn't believe it.
1 don't understand why you wouic[ wanll to bL- a beil hop for ont-- day!
He said "To be able to walk around in the lobby and just talk to people
and go to the coffee shop and get a hamburger. I would give anything
in the world to be able to do that. 11

You see here was a man who had it all and yet we know that he lived
his life basically unfuifilled and unhappy because he was not able to
experience the ordinary, the simple pleasures of life.

Abraham Maslow, the psychologist, had a near fatal heart attack and he
recovered from that attack but it literally changed his life :in the process.
F,e-om that point on he called it his post-mortem life. And everything was
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different. Everything was doubly precious, he said. You get stabbed
by the very thought of being, of talking ...

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