by Fred Lowery



Be Happy- You are Loved

If God's love for you was unconditional, if it was conditional, based
on performance, you'd be a fool to be a Christian. Because we could
never meet those conditions. I
I want to talk to you about God's unconditional love for you and for me.
In San Francisco, a leading psychiatrist meets every other week with men
who are dying from Aids. Recently she went into one of those meetings
and she saw a man who looked different, even a radiant face. And after
a while she went over to him and she said I don't understand because
this man was dyinci and the disease had so disintectrated his body that he
actually had holes in his face. And she said to him, something's happened
to you. You even have a radiant look about you. He said let me tell you
what' happening. He said when I became a homosexual I knew it would
break the heart of my family and my parents would never be able to have
grandchildren to love, or a daughter in law to love, and I knew the hurt
that would bring my family and so I just disappeared. And he said last
week, I decided to call my parents and my mom answered the phone and I
said mom, 'I'm a sick man, I'm dying. I want to come home to see you.
And she said, son come home. And he said when I knocked on the door,
mom opened the door and he said I know that she had tb be shocked by
the way I looked, but she never gave any indication of shock. She just
reached out and grabbed me and hugged me and kissed me and said son
I love you with all my heart. And he said, I experienced unconditional
love. And now I'm ready to die.

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