by Fred Lowery

Esther throws a party (5:3-5)
For the King & Haman
Haman's pride (5:11-12)

One thing spoiling the party (5:9,13)

Build (14) gallows in your garden & speak to the king before the second
banquet -
Take place between the two banquets
Before Esther could have her audience

When God wakes you
Sleepless Night (God moving) 6:1
Pulled blankets, recited the alpha-bet, counted sheep
In desperation - called for book of record

God timing is always perfect
Not till all seemed lose adn the knife was shining in the sun did God tell
Abraham to throw the knife away.

To die at dawn, Peter delivered from his chaiins and prison by the angel of the

Not by chance Philip met the Eunuch in the desert

Suddenly became aware (6:2)
Who just happened to be in the court (6:5)

Just as the king was preparing to honor Mordicai, Haman came in for
permission to hang him!

Haman could think of nothing more delicious than to see his archenemy
swinging by the neck as the glorious "grandefinale" to a day of royal acclamation.

Do it - to Mordecai (6:10)
Love to have seen Haman's face
Livid with rage, white as a sheet
Last drop of blood drained from his features
Page Two

Didn't explode - far too clever
Now a question of self-preservation - not about to defv the king

Did it (6:11) with king unaware of his duplicity
Returned to wife & friends & pour ...

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