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Ruth notes:
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Ruth "Loyalty"

Bright side of the dark days of the judges "I'm the day the judgev ruled"

1. A distressed housekeeper - forced by famine to move to land of Moab
2. A M'ournful widow & mother - bewailing death of her husband & two SDns
3. A iiareful mother-in-law - kind to her own daughters - yet must go back home.

orpah she parts within sorrow (14)
Ruth she takes with her in fear (15-18)

As nan sent back to the place of her background, to be supported by the
kindnts of@@h'er friends (19-22)

All these things are melancholy & seemed against her but God was behind the scene
working for good.

Boaz, who married Ruth was born of Rahab, who received the spies in 'Joshuals time

Famine in Canaan was a judgment of God for their sins

Elimelech "My God a king"
Naomi "my pleasant one"

Two sons:
Mahlon "sickness" and Chilion "consumption"
perhaps weakly & sickly children

Moved from Bethlehem to Moab on other side of Jordan to provide for his family
(ltim. 5:8)
took them with him as a tender father

Two sons married daughters of Moab after his death
Transgressed God's law in taking strange wives
Both sons died soon after they were married
God alone can comfort her

Famine ended and Naomi was to return to the Holy Land

Both so kind as to return with her at least so far
Maybe to the limits of their country - help with luggage

Naomi, with great affection, urges them to go back (8-9) ...

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