by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Cultivate Close Friendships
(Phi 1:7-8)

It was on a tombstone, that simply said, "Love to my best friend, my adorable
dog. Who treated me better than any of my five husbands." And there are
those who feel like that it's been a dog or animal to be a best friend.
I told you we have a new dog at our house I Bo Biscuit I and Bo had an
accident this morning - he got run over by an exercise bicycle. If you
can figure out how that happened. But I was backing out of the driveway
early this morning, and I've never heard a dog scream like that dog
screamed in all my life. I didn't know what had happened, but I knew
the dog was in trouble, big trouble, so I stopped the car and left it
running out there in the street and ran into the garage to find that
Bo had gotten tangied up in the exercise bike as Leigh was running it.
And Leigh was paralyzed. She was sitting there looking at the dog.
So when I went over to that dog and picked him up, he stopped crying
immediately. Now it kept whimpering and was in some pain, but for the
next ten minutes or so, I was just rubbing that dog, trying to calm him
down. It's amazing what I have to do before I come to preach. But you
know as I was rubbing that dog, I realized that it goes both ways. You know
that that dog needed a friend. I got a feeling that Bo was glad to see me
coming. After what Leigh had done to him! I was trying to comfort that
dog, saying that she"s rough on me sometimes too son, but we're going
to make it through this! I'm just kidding!

Hudson Taylor, one of the great men of God was at a crossroads, maybe
a deadend. He was only 23, held been on the mission field for two years,
and he was disillusioned because the missionary organization that had sent
him there had not fuifilled their promises, money was not coming in, and
then he had the problem of jealous missionaries who didn't like the way
he ws doing things, and ...

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