by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Resolve Personal Conflicts
Phi 4:2-5

So you got a little upset this past week? About something that seemed rather
small but yet you got upset and became unhappy. Was it because of your
car? Was it because the garage door that wouldn't operate properly? Was it
you rhouse, the building? that caused you so much unhappiness? Was it
your neighbor's house? Was it the building where you work? No. When you
really think about it, it was your boss, your employees, your wife, your
husband, your children, your neighbor. It. was people. That caused you
And that is how it always is. You see we get upset over little things that
really don't matter and things like buildings, and doors and machines that
go wrong - the computer - and all those kinds of things that drive us
buggy at times but the things that keeps us awake at night, the thing that
breaks our heart, the thing that keeps us from enjoying a level or measure
of happiness is relationships. People. People problems. You see people
make life pitiful or precious. And we've had some of both. I believe it
was Charlie Brown who said I love the world, it's the people I can't stand.
Alot of truth and philosophy in that.
If you're married, or have children, if you go to work, or you go to school,
if you fit in any of those categories, you have relationship conflicts. Now
you may not admit it, in fact, if I asked you to stand if you've had a conflict
this week, with your husband or wife or children, I couldn't get many of you
to stand. And yet most of us have had some kind of conflict. I know at
our house we had conflicts from time to time. Leigh was telling me just a minute
ago that they had some conflicts after I left this morning. I'd always rather
it be that way but Sunday is the very worst time - because if the devil is
going to get in - it's Sunday morning. But it is amazing how you, I mean,
everything j ...

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