by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Put Gratitude in Your Attitude

How many of you do not have a fatal disease that you know about
right now in your life? Just raise your hand.

Do you realize that 95% of the population on the face of this earth
battles disease and struggles to live to the age of 45? Which means
that if you enjoy reasonable health that puts you in the 5% category.
The world population.

Norman Vincent Peale was speaking on faith and@ hope and courage and
a man came up to him after it was over and said "Sir, that sounded good
but it doesn't work in my life." And Dr. Peale said "What do you mean?"
"Well it just doesn't work in my life." Vincent Peale said "Sir, it sounds
like you need to be a little more grateful. Do you practice being
thankful for what you do have?" The man said "I have nothing to be
thankful for." Dr. Peale took out a piece of paper and put a line
right down the middle and he said "I want you to sit down and I want
you to list on the left side all the things that are wrong in your life.
On the right side, I want you to list the things that are right in your
life." The man sat down and took the paper and neatly began to
write on the left side all the way down, filled the page. And then
he turned the page over and got up.

Dr. Peale said "Do you mean to teli me that there is nothing right in
your life?" The man said "Absolutely nothing." "Is there nothing you
can be thankful for?" He said, "Nothing."

Dr. Peale said "Are you married?" He said, "Yes". He asked "Is your
wife dead?" He said, "No, she's in good health". He said "Then put
on the right side, 'wife not dead"'. He said "Do you live in a house,
do you have a home?" He said, "Oh, yes we have anice home."
"Has it burned down?" "No, the home is fine." "Well then put on the
right side, house hasn't burn ...

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